Sunday, 21 March 2010

i must re-train myself to wear gloves while gardening!
my hands have issues enough as it is, without the added shredding due to much weed pulling. i've been getting into these weeding frenzies, usually on sundays before the green bin goes out... very satisfying, but never enough space in my bin.
i am beginning to think that i could quite plausibly turn the whole back of my section into an orchard / vege garden. i don't need very much lawn.
i am also craving colour, and flowers. i bought some wild flower seeds, but they really shouldn't be planted till spring. aah well, patience is a virtue as they say.
in indoor news, i think i'll paint a wall or two. probably the one directly inside my entrance way, i think blue. soft blue, and then i'll put up lots of mismatched frames of strange pictures.
speaking of strange pictures, i got 3 paintings framed by the lovely chap across the road from work. he did a great job, and charged me mates rates. big tick to matt! they look lovely, i am a little hesitant to put them up though as i am super critical of my work, and don't know if i can handle seeing it every day!

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