Friday, 29 January 2010

lawns are freshly mown (that's not a word, is it), broccoli seedlings planted, as are the strawberries and borage. oh and the hollyhocks, though i have no idea of what conditions they require so i just hope they do something!
being back at work this week is hard! yes, i love my job. i'd just like to be spending the time pottering around at home!
next mission is to drag my desk inside, then the crafting can begin in earnest.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

it's official, my house is warmed.
it was a sweet event, lots of lovely friends came to visit and although i feel that i barely had a chance to talk to most of them, i was glad to have them! i really should have issued self-guided tour sheets on arrival. next time.
as an added bonus, i was given plants my many! yippee! hollyhocks (thanks jeff's ma) and native tree seedlings (propagated by the multitalented marian) and herbs and vege seedlings, and a beautiful red rose bush (thanks tineke).
it turns out that i can fit quite a few people into this small living room, good thing too as the weather wasn't exactly conducive to outdoor partying. though there was blue sky at one point, and sunlight dappling the asbestos roof of my garage. very exciting, i took a photo.
oh, and ma brought along lacrosse stick things. and then played an impromptu game with pat. delightful! oh the joys of having enough lawn to play daft ball games.
today i may mow, and i may even time myself. i may also persuade jeff down the hill for one more coffee before he flies. i shall miss him immensely.
x e

edit: well it rained again, so the mowing will have to wait. and jeff was easily persuaded.

Friday, 22 January 2010

if it ever stopped being grey and rainy, i might be inspired to do some work around the garden. or the house for that matter. but instead, i have been whiling away my days drinking coffee and generally spending time with my dear friend jeff. it's not a bad way to use a week off work! in fact it's damned near perfect. lucky me!
tomorrow i need to do some serious tidying, as it's housewarming party day. boxes need to be hidden, as do the many cables that seem to be taking over my living room. maybe i'll even succeed in my mission of acquiring rubbish and compost bins. i know it needn't really be as hard as it is turning out to be, but i flat out refuse to spend huge sums of money on rubbish receptacles!

Thursday, 21 January 2010

a new house, a new blog.
i anticipate this will be a mostly-house-related blog, with a particular leaning towards the goings on in my garden.
i have a large backyard, comprising of a vege garden (raised beds) and a big lawn. i intend to grow many a vege, and generally teach myself about the wonders of successfully growing stuff.
i may need advice and guidance, and if anyone reads this perhaps they'd like to join my team of teachers and muses. the pay is crap but the gratitude is immense.

x e