Monday, 15 February 2010

[sitting here looking at the blank box]
so it's hard to write about a house you don't get to spend nearly enough time in! i am still having issues with the fact that i have to go to work. why can't i just hang out at home and get stuff done?! :-)
i have managed to plant a few more bits and pieces, and today helen and i managed a batch of apricot jam. mostly helen, with supervision.
i was pleasantly surprised just now to see that i have about $400 more in my account than expected. this is a very good thing. realistically, i need to pay most of that onto my tab at work.. food adds up very quickly! but at least i'm debt free then. (well, not exactly debt free, there is still the small matter of the mortgage)
i need to get some pictures on the walls. and make some sense of the numerous cords running across the living room floor (i want wireless everything. sigh.)


  1. Cords, leads and wires - the bane of modern living! I've managed to lay most of mine along the wall but everytime I look behind the tv I groan - especially since I have to get in there at some stage and reconnect a bunch of things. hatehatehatehatehate...

  2. leunig did a great cartoon about cords, didn't he? i'll have to try find it.